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“John Smith is a PI, and not a very successful one. Until the day two men call and offer him a job- and a large paycheck. Tracking down Virgil Callahan was the easy part- learning the story behind the man was the hard part.

And just when you think you know how the story ends, it changes again and again. Full of twists and turns and with a shocking ending, I recommend this story to anyone with the taste for the paranormal.” Kay Glass


“The Murdered Metatron is a classic blend of horror, humor, and detective work. While it is relatively short, all the elements of a great page turner are here. I love stories of Angels and Demons and write a lot about them myself, but the author has added an entirely new twist, actually many new twists, as well as winding turns. The reader is taken on a merry ride of adventure. I dare you to figure out the ending to this beauty!

Also, I love great detective tales, mention Mickey Spillane and I go ballistic. Now, I can do the same when James Glass is whispered into my ear.

My advice to you is to set aside enough time to read this great book in one sitting. You’ll be hungering for more . . .” Robert C. Nelson



Thirteen Tales of Vampiric Horror

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A Horror Short


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Teen punks Kell and Toby have big plans for Halloween. They’re going to out-trick the neighborhood kids with the kind of pranks that will leave their victims scarred for life. But a trio of otherworldly trick-or-treaters refuses to walk away empty-handed. Kell and Toby will soon know the true meaning of Halloween.



A Collection

Nugget-Sized Bites!“4 Stars I loved Patrick’s novel PROGENY and was excited to read some of his short stories. Dark Destinies does not disappoint. This is a fantastic collection of bite-sized horror stories that grab you by the throat from the first few sentences, each time aiming directly for the jugular. If, for some reason, the idea of reading a full novel from Patrick is intimidating for you, then try out this sampler of truly horrific tales. They will haunt you – staying with you long after you are done reading. My personal favorite? The truly weird and disturbing “High Strangeness in South Haven.” Patrick also includes a sampling from a new novel he is working on – and I cannot wait to read the rest of it.” B. Alaspa on Amazon

From the lurking shadows of the unknown to the shell of an empty soul, Patrick C. Greene spins seven dark tales to keep you awake at night. Dark Destinies includes the stories: Into the Small Hours, Room 422, Bill’s Becoming, Fate by Firelight, Shards, High Strangeness in South Haven, and Words That Start with the Letter D. .

“Patrick Greene is a masterful story-teller. This short story is suspenseful, fast-paced, and ends with a bang. I’d highly suggest it to anyone wanting a quick, exciting read. Five stars.” V. Hobbes

“5 STARS – Poor Bill, life has not been kind to his outside appearance, but he has persevered and tried to be his best. When Connie knocks him back it breaks your heart to witness his self loathing rip what’s left to shreds. Then he cuts himself whilst shaving….and mayhem is released. Poor Bill? A punchy, emotion evoking short.” Vix on Amazon

“5 STARS – When Bill gets tired of the way he looks he decides to do something drastic. In that moment his life, and his body, changes completely. Greene delivers a uniquely creepy tale with shades of Lovecraft.” Ms. J